Other Products and Services

Three Fold Farm offers local honey, maple syrup, pesticide-free compost, chicken and duck eggs and pork shares.

See the separate pages for boarding and our Canadian Horse importing/consulting assistance.

Three Fold Farm eggs

Free-range eggs from happy chickens!

Our chickens eat a varied diet of grass, bugs, worms and other foraged edibles as well as food scraps, pellets and corn scratch. We consistently receive compliments on the taste of our eggs.

Duck Eggs from Three Fold Farm

Eggs from ducks with attitude!

Duck eggs are milder and creamier than chicken eggs and about a third larger with a proportionately larger yolk. They are coveted for baking as the greater albumin content makes baked goods fluffier and lighter. They do have a higher fat and cholesterol content but also have more protein, vitamins, minerals and are chock full of Omega-3.

Three Fold Farm Honey and Maple Syrup

The Sweet Stuff!

Maple syrup made from fresh air, healing rain, warm fire and bountiful earth; an elemental experience! Our syrup has a terroir of vanilla and we go for the dark stuff whenever we can!

Honey — the sweet result of matriarchy! Great for treating allergies, a natural antibiotic and tastes good to boot! We also have in-the-comb available upon request.

compost 2020

Pesticide-free compost

Available year-round, we have pesticide- and bedding-free compost — 100% manure that is turned regularly. We sell it by the bag, barrel (bring your own) or truckload (your truck, we’ll load).

Horse manure has a greater nutritional value than cow manure and because of its more fibery or humas-like texture, it improves aeration and drainage. We even use it as ground cover around bushes and trees, providing a far more nutritious cover than wood mulch.

Pick up available at the farm.

Three Fold farm

Pork Shares

We occasionally offer pork shares of 1/2 pig. Our pigs are Poland-China, Berkshire, Yorkshire and/or Landrace crosses to optimize meat taste. Our pigs are raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones and are allowed lots of room to run, play, scavenge, root and wallow. We supplement their grain with grass/hay and vegetarian food scraps. Shares are purchased in the spring and the meat is ready for pick up in the fall. If you are interested in a share, email us directly.