About Three Fold Farm

At Three Fold Farm, our passion is the endangered Canadian Horse. Located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, we offer stud services, horses for sale, importing and consulting services.

Our boutique-style breeding program focuses on quality.

We breed "Canadians for Competition!" ™

Three Fold Farm

Our Breeding Program

Our boutique-style breeding programs focuses on quality, not quantity. Our broodmares are chosen for movement, conformation and temperament. In addition to our home-bred stallion, Three Fold H-Aragorn Anarchy, we selectively breed to outside stallions that have and throw athleticism and sport-horse conformation.

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Three Fold Farm

Stud Services

Our home-bred stallion, Three Fold H-Aragorn Anarchy brings refinement, energy and athleticism to his foals. A very forward horse, “Jax” is built for impulsion and has that flash for the ring. Trained to drive, ride western and English (dressage) and currently training to jump, he exemplifies the versatility and intelligence of the breed. If you are looking for sport horse conformation with movement, power and endurance, Jax is your man!

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Three Fold Farm

Importing Services/Consulting

We have spent years developing relationships with other Canadian Horse breeders both in the US and Canada. If one of our horses doesn’t fit the bill, we can help you find your perfect mount as well as assist with importing horses from Canada.

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Photos by Margo Killoran, Laurie Néron and K. Kelly. ©Three Fold Farm.

At Three Fold Farm our passion is the Canadian Horse.

About Us

Three Fold Farm is located on the North Shore of Massachusetts, which is renowned for its equine history and activities. Five generations of the Killoran family have lived at the farm, which owner Margo Killoran now shares with her husband David Southwick, their three children, multiple horses, cats, chickens, ducks, pigs, a rabbit and one abnormally large gecko.

Originally built as a thoroughbred racehorse farm, Three Fold Farm now offers boarding, breeding and importing services. In 2005, Margo and David began their breeding program. All foals are registered, receive regular vet care and are handled daily. Margo and Dave are honored to be one of the few U.S. breeders bringing back this exceptional horse.

Pru Grand Champ Three Fold Farm

  • Member, Canadian Horse Breeder’s Association, #5324279
  • Editor, CHBA Journal
  • President, New England Cheval Canadien
  • Co-Founder, US Canadian Horse Expo
  • Certificate, Equine Reproduction, University of Vermont

Contact Three Fold Farm

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Our passion is the Canadian Horse. We are happy to speak with anyone who has an interest in the breed. Should you have any questions, about the breed or our farm and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 978-697-7910/978-468-6246


Three Fold Farm
Three Fold Anarchy Fée

Photo by Tom Latanzzi. ©Three Fold Farm.