Our Broodmares

The Mare Matters

High quality mares throw high quality offspring. We choose our broodmares for temperament, conformation and talent. For a great article on why mares are so critical to breeding top-notch sport horses, click here.

Three Fold Farm

Pineview Surprise Molly

Registration #11179/Pedigree

Molly is our foundation broodmare at Three Fold Farm. We chose her due to her excellent conformation, beautiful head, and kind demeanor. She is a tall, medium built Canadian, with the good bone, muscled hind end, and beautiful mane and tail typical of Canadians. She is a sensitive horse with large, floating gaits and throws the same to her progeny.

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Mosarc Lucifer Winnie

Registration #12988/Pedigree

Winnie is a smaller and solidly built mare with an alert and confident attitude, a marching walk and lateral movement to die for! Her first foal by our stallion Anarchy was born in the spring of 2018 and this filly is full of confidence and curiosity. We will continue to breed her to Anarchy in the coming years.

Broodmare at Three Fold Farm

New Broodmare Coming This Fall!

We have a new broodmare coming this spring. Check back for updates!

Molly photo by David Southwick, Winnie photo by Shawn Tinkham. © Three Fold Farm.